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The two essential needs we have for trainers is great moderation skills (holding the groups interest, being able to stop over-talkers) and trainers who have good awareness of marriages, whether as a therapist, mediator or marriage educator.

These workshops have been done in amazing settings – a military base, an alternative-prison housing setting, YMCA, and then more standard church settings or broad marriage education community based settings.

The workshops are very distinctive and thus moderators must be very aware in marketing these workshops that they are designed for individuals (of any relational status, from always single, married, divorced, widowed) but these individuals are confidants to their married friends. That’s their “pressure point” for them to attend a multi-hour workshop.

It is also vital to appreciate big differences between dating couples (even if they live together) and married people. The former may have relational drama, but have not made a lifetime commitment. As such, marriage troubles come with a lot more stakeholders beyond the two people and a marital first responder, through this training, becomes even stronger in their supportive yet nuanced stance to these married friends/family.