General Training and Facilitation

General Training and Facilitation Issues

  1. Use the plug and play video as much as you like.
    1. Introduction by me.
    2. Didactics.
    3. Instructions for exercises. Repeat several times.
  2. Stick to the agenda and time frames.
  3. Don’t over talk, repeat too much.
  4. Don’t do Q & A, but be open to clarifications if someone raises a hand.
  5. Don’t get pulled into coaching on specific MFR problems.
    1. Acknowledge the stress of the speaker, move on.
    2. Refer back to LEAP and the limits of our ability to help.
    3. If persistent, say we can talk afterward.
  6. Redirect over-talkers, over-disclosers, and derailers.
    1. Listen, acknowledge you heard, say you’d like to move on.
    2. Don’t keep calling on the person, just say you want to keep moving.
  7. Find something good in whatever someone does in the demonstrations, then add what might be optimal (e.g., LEAP first.)
  8. If you get stuck on a question or issue, say you will check with the Marital First Responders creators and get back to people.
  9. Your personal stories can help, including your mistakes.

The overall training and facilitation notes.