Top Misconceptions about Marital First Responders

We are sharing these because you may run into issues with allies who may let you offer this workshop but have a wrong understanding. Attendees may not understand even up to showing up for the workshop. Other support staff need to understand if they are involved in marketing or handling RSVP’s so that, for example, if someone says, “my spouse can’t come so I guess we have to cancel” that the right response is, “this is for individuals so please come.” (Also note, facilitators will always ask married couples to talk to other participants rather than to each other during role plays.)

  • It’s a mentoring program
  • It’s like other forms of peer counseling
  • It’s for professionals first responders to help marriages as part of their work.
  • It’s to make lay people mini-professionals
  • It’s an education program for couples to attend together
  • It’s just for married people
  • It’s designed to turn people into “marriage savers”
  • If it’s sponsored by a congregation, it’s intended mainly for marriages in that congregation.
  • It’s to turn people into confidants who might otherwise not be confidants.